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Published: Sun, 2. Aug 2015., 11:27

The Plant Yard has concrete kibbles with hoses for precision pouring, available to hire now.

The Concrete Kibble with hose is designed for the suitable pouring of concrete in walls, pillars, and other confined areas such as sewer works. It is also appropriate for standard concrete pouring with liquid grout mixtures without the possibility of leakage.

The use of the installed chain valve allows operator to work significantly under the kibble and still control the concrete flow whilst still allowing clear-cut control over the concrete.

Cage Forklift Material Only

Large Lifting Cage

Forklift Jib Attachment

Twin Wheelie Bin Forklift Tipper

Forklift Sulo Bin Attachment

Forklift Bin Self Tipping Craneable

Lifting Cage

Crane Bin SWL=2000 kg

Lever Block

Steel Tressels

Genie Duct Lifter

Craneable Gas Cage

Oxy Cage Lifting

Rock Grab


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